Hear What Our Faculty Members Have to Say About Sutter County Career Training Center!

With a background of over 40 years spread across various careers (including 10 spent here at Cambridge Junior College), I enjoy watching students succeed in their field of study and watching them grow into responsible adults and accomplish their goals. Students are most excited to advance in life and be able to contribute to their children's future and provide for their families. Many students find Pharmacology and Medical Terminology challenging. They overcome their challenges by attending study groups, asking for study materials from instructors and asking for extra help. Those who do well in this program are dedicated and directed to finish a task that they've started. My top piece of advice to anyone wanting to explore this field is to talk with family and friends, research information on the web and read over job descriptions. The staff and faculty at Cambridge are focused 100% on helping you achieve your lifelong dream.
Wanda Boley, Medical Assisting Instructor, Reception, and Job Search
As a Certified Medical Assistant, what I enjoy the most about teaching in my field is teaching students new things and doing hands-on labs with them. Students are supported in their program by their instructors, peers, and family members. Something that will help them succeed in their program is to find good study habits. Students find getting large amounts of homework done in a timely manner challenging. They overcome this challenge by staying after school to get homework done or having a little time in class to get some of it done as well. Someone who is faithful, determined, ready for change, and focused will do really well in this field. You need empathy and a positive mind. At Cambridge Junior College, we are a family-oriented campus and we care about our students. This is a great place to work and a great place to become a Medical Assistant.
Meka Drummond, Medical Assisting Instructor
With 25 years experience as a Medical Assistant Instructor and Program Director, my advice to anyone wanting to explore this field is to do it because you want to, not to please someone else. Over the years I've had students who entered the Medical Assistant program because a family member had been in the medical field and/or they were advised 'go into the medical field and you'll always have a job'. You must be truly passionate about what you are doing/learning in order to succeed. What I enjoy the most about teaching in my field is when students realize they can achieve their educational and career goals and seeing their confidence increase. Students are most excited about learning the hands-on clinical aspects or the field such as venipuncture, injections, and suture removal, etc. Someone who is motivated, professional, empathetic, flexible, team-player, and has a willingness to learn will do well in this field. To show my students that they are supported, I take the time to let them know I genuinely care about them. I make sure to compliment my students every day on something as that may be the only positive reinforcement or encouragement they receive. Going to school, completing homework, and balancing work and family is going to be hard. However, if you believe in yourself and stick with it, you will achieve success.
Mary Nichols, Medical Assisting Instructor
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